Why Fundraising?


Other expenses exist which are not covered by marching band fees, such as transportationinstrument repair, extra event fees, concert band expenses, trip fees, etc. We try to keep these fees to a minimum for each student, so we are called upon to generate extra funds. Some events benefit the General Fund, some the Student Accounts, and some both. The biggest fundraisers are the Mattress Sale and the GoPlaySave coupon book sale. Every family is expected to participate in one of these annual fundraisers to benefit the general fund. There is no limit to raising funds for your Student Accounts. When your last student graduates, the leftover funds are yours to donate to another student's account or to the general fund.


Current Fundraising Opportunities


(Check with your employer; many will match your donations or even donate based on your volunteer hours.  Apex Band Boosters is a 501c3 organization. Please make all checks payable to APEX BAND BOOSTERS and write the student's name in the memo field.)


Fundraising Events:

  • GoPlaySave  Begins July/Aug and runs through September. Earn for your student account and the general band fund.
  • Christmas Tree Pre-Sale, Fall/Winter
  • Chipotle nights -  TBD
  • Tidal Wave Car Wash tickets sale, Spring
  • Mattress Sale, Fall 2024 

Anytime throughout the year:

  • Re-link your  Harris Teeter shopping cards (starting Aug 1) to benefit the general band fund.
  • Buy gift cards for places you already shop, and earn for your student account with RaiseRight . Examples are Chipotle, Panera Bread, Amazon.com, Starbucks and more..  The savings add up.
  • Bring your checkbook and order for Lowes Foods gift cards  to every band booster meeting. Student accounts retain 6% of the payment. Contact grocery-cards@apexhighband.org for details.
  • We also accept donations and matching gifts.  Donations made directly to the Apex Band Boosters may be tax deductible (consult with your tax advisor on 501c3 contributions). Donations cannot be made to benefit any specific member of the band and/or the general band fund.  Check with your employer about matching gifts. 


Questions? Email fundraising@apexhighband.org