Here is a Fundraising idea that is in tune with your busy life. With RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip) you can earn money for your student's band account by buying gift cards for places where you already shop, eat, and spend money.  For example, if you buy a $100 gift card for Gap, $14 will be deposited into your student's account.  It's that easy!

Details for how to enroll TODAY below! Here is a full list of retailers. Once you’ve enrolled, you can add your bank account info for the most convenient and popular way to pay online (and avoid credit card fees).
·       Secure and easy setup through RaiseRight partner, Plaid
·       $0.15 fee on each transaction

When you have enrolled and paid for gift cards, money will be deposited into your student account regularly. You can view earnings by logging into your Charms account and look into Finances.​


Get Enrolled in RaiseRight


  1. Email raiseright@apexhighband.org for an enrollment code.
  2. Create a RaiseRight account-
    Go to www.raiseright.com/enroll and enter the enrollment code from Step 1.
  3. Click "Join a Program".
  4. Once logged in, you may verify that your account is associated with the Apex Band Boosters by selecting the Dashboard
  5. Go to your account settings to set up your “Payment Options” and link your account directly to your bank. Each transaction will only costs $0.15, or you can use your credit card with a 2.6% fee.
  6. There is no extra cost to purchase an electronic gift card.  To purchase a physical card, mailing costs are $1 for the first card, and $.50 for each additional card.  Please select the option to mail to self.